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      Tianjin Normal University


      Tianjin Normal University (TNU), as a municipal key university, founded in 1958, was originally named Tianjin Teachers College and was given the present name in 1982. In 1999, the new Tianjin Normal University was founded by integrating the old Tianjin Normal University, Tianjin Teachers’ Training Academy, and Tianjin Educational Institute. Tianjin Normal University takes to be “a world-renowned high-level normal university with distinctive characteristics” as its overall development objective, and is the only normal university in Tianjin that trains high-quality teachers for basic education. TNU aims at training good teachers with the "Four Haves"(to have moral ideals, ideals and beliefs, solid knowledge, and benevolent heart), enlightening their educational affection and incubating seeded teachers. It has successively been entitled as the National Collaborative Innovation Experimental Base for Teachers’ Development of the Ministry of Education, the National Experimental Teaching Center for Teachers’ Education of the Ministry of Education, and has undertaken “National Training Program” of Ministry of Education, and the Excellent Elementary School and Secondary School Teachers Training Projects of Ministry of Education. 11 undergraduate majors have been entitled as national-level first-class in the process of disciplinary construction of the "Double Ten Thousand Plan" (building 10,000 national-level first-class undergraduate majors and 10,000 provincial-level first-rate undergraduate majors), including applied psychology, political science and administration, world history, ideological and political education, educational technology, elementary education, Chinese language and literature, mathematics and applied mathematics, geographic science, law, and journalism, and three municipal-level first-rate undergraduate majors, including physical education, electronic information science and technology, clothing and apparel design.



      Summer Camp 夏令營

      General Courses 通用課程