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      East China University of Technology


      East China University of Technology (ECUT), established in 1956, is the first college in nuclear industry in China. Once as an engineering and technology university with uranium geological technology features, ECUT at present is a multidisciplinary university with science and engineering as its lead disciplines as well as an integration of arts, law and management. ECUT has 2 campuses located in Nanchang and Fuzhou of a southern China province, Jiangxi,covering approximately 500 acres. It has a team of over 2,800 full time staff, including over 200 professors,and around 23,000 students with cultural diversity studying on the campuses. For more information about ECUT, please visit:https://www.ecut.edu.cn/; https://eng.ecut.edu.cn/

      東華理工大學創辦于1956年,是中國核工業第一所高等學校,坐落在中國南方江西省南昌市。60多年來,學校圍繞優勢特色學科核科學與地學建設,逐步發展成以理工為主,經、管、文、法、教、藝兼備的多科性大學。學校20余個教學單位分布在南昌、撫州兩個校區。現有教職員工2300多人,在校學生2.3萬余人。學校網址: https://www.ecut.edu.cn/;https://eng.ecut.edu.cn/

      Summer Camp 夏令營

      General Courses 通用課程