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      Donghua University


      Donghua University is directly under the Ministry of Education, it is a National University of “211 Project” and “Double First-Class” project. After nearly 70 years of effort, the university has developed from a single textile college to a well-established national key university with specialties in engineering, science, management, culture, and arts. Founded in 1951, the school was named as East China Textile Institute of Technology, one of the first textile institute of higher learning in China. In 1985, the University name was changed to China Textile University. In 1995, it was entitled for the University of 211 Project, and in 1999, the name was once again changed to Donghua University which is same as present. In 2017, DHU was selected as one of the "Double First-Class" university with textile science and engineering as its major discipline. In recent years, DHU has built a new regulation pattern and adopted the characteristic of textile as the core material. Academic achievements have found applications in wide areas such as aeronautics, military science, architecture, and environmental protection. The university promotes research and is actively engaged in increasing its co-operation with other universities and has established good cooperative relations with more than 100 research institutions, and enterprises in the world. In 2010 “Donghua University” was approved by the Ministry of Education for the "20+20 Cooperation Plan for Chinese and African Universities", and established the first Confucius Institute featuring textile and clothing with Moi University in Kenya. In 2018, Donghua University successfully held the “World Textile and Garment Education Conference”, and established the "One Belt and One Road" world textile university union consisting of 33 textile featured universities in 18 countries, which is also known as world textile university association with the largest number of participating member universities along with countries taking part in the “One Belt and One Road Initiative Projects". In the future, Donghua University will set up it roots in China, integrate with foreign countries comprehensively strengthening the construction of "Double First-Class Projects" and to make unremitting efforts to realize the goal of "A First-Class University” in China as well as Internationally..

      東華大學是教育部直屬、國家“211工程”、國家“雙一流”建設高校。經過近70年的建設和發展,學校已經從建校之初的一所紡織單科院校發展成為以工為主,工、理、管、文、藝等學科協調發展的有特色的全國重點大學。 學校創建于1951年,時名華東紡織工學院,是新中國第一所紡織高等學府。1985年,學校更名為中國紡織大學。1995年,進入國家“211工程”重點建設行列,1999年,更名為東華大學。 2017年,學校入選“雙一流”建設高校,建設學科為紡織科學與工程。近年來,學校持續構建以紡織為“一體”,材料和設計為“兩翼”,創新學科為“引擎”的學科特色新格局。大批科研成果廣泛應用于航天航空、國防軍事、重大建筑工程、環境保護等領域。 學校積極推進新時期教育對外開放工作,與全球100多所知名高校、研究機構及企業建立了良好的合作關系。2010年,學校獲批教育部“中非高校20+20合作計劃”,與肯尼亞莫伊大學建立首家紡織服裝特色的莫伊大學孔子學院。2018年,學校成功舉辦了世界紡織服裝教育大會,聯合18個國家33所紡織特色高校成立“一帶一路”世界紡織大學聯盟,是當前我國參與高校最多、對“一帶一路”沿線國家覆蓋率最高的世界紡織類高校聯合組織。 面向未來,東華大學將“扎根中國、融通中外、立足時代、面向未來”,全面加強“雙一流”建設,為實現“國內一流、國際有影響,有特色的高水平大學”的目標而不懈奮斗!

      Summer Camp 夏令營

      General Courses 通用課程