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      Jilin University


      Jilin University (JLU), located in Changchun, Jilin Province, was supported by China’s “Projected 211” and “Project 985”, and has been selected as one of the universities in Double World-Class Initiative in China. JLU offers 141 Bachelor Degree Programs, 63 Master Degree Programs, 49 Doctoral Degree Programs and 44 Post-doctoral research stations. JLU is home to 6,446 faculty members, including 2,302 full professors and offers students a strong academic challenge in their undergraduate, master’s and doctorate study through teaching and research excellence. JLU has set up partnerships with 303 universities, research institutions or international academic organizations in 40 countries and regions.

      吉林大學,坐落在吉林省長春市,是中國“211工程”和“985工程”重點支持的綜合性大學之一,2017年被列入國家一流大學建設高校。 學校學科門類齊全。有本科專業141個,一級碩士學位授權點63個,一級學科博士學位授權點49個,博士后科研流動站44個。 師資力量雄厚,擁有教師6,446人,其中教授2,302人,并且已建立起學士—碩士—博士完整的高水平人才培養體系。在校全日制學生73,464人,其中海外留學生1,603人。 聚焦高水平國際合作,逐步完善全球網絡布局,目前已經與40個國家和地區的303所高校和科研機構建立合作伙伴關系。

      Summer Camp 夏令營

      General Courses 通用課程