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      East China Normal University


      East China Normal University (ECNU) is recognized as one of Shanghai’s top public research universities under the patronage of the Ministry of Education of China and jointly established by the Ministry of Education and Shanghai Municipal People's Government. It was formed on October 16, 1951 with the merger of other two universities. In 1959, ECNU was officially declared as one of the first of the 16 national universities leading in China’s higher education. In 1996, after being approved by the Ministry of Education, ECNU became one of the first universities sponsored by the major national programs, “Project 211”. In 2006, the Ministry of Education of China and Shanghai government signed a partnership to co-sponsor the development of the university, which qualified ECNU as a member of the national “Project 985”. In 2017, ECNU strived in the national list of planned world-class universities for its notable achievements over the past years. ECNU has firmly upheld its vision of “Creativity, Character, Community” all the while adhering to the university motto of“Seek Truth, Foster Originality, and Live up to the Name of a Teacher”, and carried out its rigorous action plans - “Education Plus”, “Ecology Plus”, “Health Plus”, “Intelligence Plus” and “Internationalization Plus” - for ranking on the list of world-class universities.

      華東師范大學是由國家舉辦、教育部主管,教育部與上海市人民政府重點共建的綜合性研究型大學。學校成立于 1951 年 10 月16 日, 1959 年被中共中央確定為全國 16 所重點院校之一。 1996年被列入“211 工程”國家重點建設大學行列。2006 年教育部和上海市決定重點共建華東師范大學,學校進入國家“985 工程”高校行列。 2017 年學校進入國家世界一流大學建設高校 A 類行列。學校始終秉承“智慧的創獲,品性的陶冶,民族和社會的發展”這一崇高大學理想,恪守"求實創造,為人師表"的校訓精神,聚焦“教育+”、“生態+”、“健康+”、“智能+”、“國際+”五大行動計劃,分步實現一流辦學目標。

      Summer Camp 夏令營

      General Courses 通用課程